Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lost in wedding planning

The title says it all! I love to blog, and have had so much happen in the past two months that I feel horrible for not sharing it. As most of you know I was planning my wedding.....and IT HAPPENED!
It was one of the most amazing days of my life! I hope to continue to have more and more of these days with my husband (I still giggle like a school girl when I say that) in the years to come.

Photographer Jennifer Lee Photography

So now what? After the whole wedding was finished, it was so anticlimactic, what do I do now? Am I really done planning weddings? 

The answer is, I still really don't know. The idea of possibly getting into event planning has floated around in my brain, but handling myself is a lot different than handling another bride. A lot of my wedding vendors kept telling me over and over again that I was the most relaxed bride they have ever seen. My response "I am just very organized".

So back to my above question, now what? 

  • Well because of the wedding I reverted to the very basic needs for food. Not junk, but whatever was easy, non creative, unexciting and just pure nourishment for my tossing tummy. With the wedding now done, I feel ready to get my creative food genius going (not that I am a food genius by any means, but it sounds cooler when I say it like that) and start making some awesome meals again.
  • I am a graphic designer; I design wedding stationary and always have loved this. I will dig a little more into this aspect as it allows me to stay up to date with weddings, but not being as involved in them as planning someone else’s.
  • Getting back on my healthy track, I had a little bit of a separation with the gym these past few weeks. It's not that I didn't want to be there sweating my butt off, I just had a hard time working it into my conscious with everything else going on.
I think that is what I am going with right now. Another thing that is plaguing me is the blog name.  The original purpose was to record my journey to the Aisle. Well been there, done that. But I am not ready to stop blogging; in fact I want this to become second nature to me. However I am stuck with "Running to the Aisle". I am thinking the best course in action is to finish blogging here with my wedding stuff, then have a redirection to my new blog. A pain? Yes! But I feel that would be the most beneficial way to do it. I still have some wedding things I would like to share....SUCH AS PHOTOS! So I will continue to post those here till the new one is up and going.

I have been given just a sneak peak of some photos from the photographer, so over the next little while I'll share more with you all.

Thanks for sticking around; I know I have neglected you all.

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