Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baptism and Pizza

Well the time came.....I was baptized. It was very simple and painless.....minus the missing hair (it really wasn't that much). I have mentioned before that my fiancé is Serbian Orthodox and we are getting married in a Serbian Orthodox church. So having never been baptized....I needed to be before the wedding.

I wanted to have it out of the way before the social. Because I know after it....things will get intense. It was short and sweet. Afterwards, I was rewarded with pizza and wine....honestly I'll get baptized every weekend if I get that, though it may not very good for me.

Sorry about the quality of the photos. They are from a cell phone.

Not sure what my facial expression here is
And the water...notice my fiance laughing in the back

For a walk we go
Some oil

See no bathing suit and kiddy pool!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Six months from today...where I am at!

Six months from today I will be waking up probably tired, nervous and excited. I will be almost ready to walk down an aisle that will most likely feel like it never ends towards the most amazing person! Yep if you haven't guessed it is the six month mark to my WEDDING!!!

So where am I at? Emotionally I am not too nervous. I feel comfortable with how much I have done thus far. I know we have a bunch more to go....but I am content with that.

I used a similar list like Heather @ Hangry Pants. She is getting married a day before me! So check her out!

To Do:

I know it look's like I have a lot left. But most I already know what I want or where I am getting it. SO it isn't too bad. How do you feel I am doing?

Did my leg workout today! Most of these are all 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Squats on smith machine
  • Squats, jump, squat and kick....some ridiculous exercise Kim made up JK (Love you Kim)
  • Push backs on a leg press....I know right?
  • Hamstring curl on machine
  • Calf raises on machine(this will be to failure)
At the end of that my legs are pretty mush mush, for cardio I will only walk on a incline of 6 with a speed of 3.5 on the treadmill.

What better way to finish my workout then with a GREEN MONSTER! I have talked about these before. Today's was like last time, minus the blueberries. These things are like a meal. SO good!


Also I am super excited and proud to say that my trainer Kim placed 2nd in the short bikini category at MABBA's this year!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Centrepiece Project..........Mock-up #1

This past weekend I started one of my many projects before my Wedding Day!! This is the stuff that I really enjoy about wedding planning. But I feel I need some assistance and who better to ask then my fellow bloggers/followers.

Here is the project, Create centerpieces for round tables that hold 6-8 people. I will have a white table cloth with a damask runner seen here, black napkins and black chair linen. People always ask me what color's I am using in my wedding and the answer is difficult as I am not really using a color so much as a pattern, which is the damask pattern seen on the runner. My flowers however for my wedding will be red, the ties and pocket square's on the groomsmen are also deep red.

I can't decide if I want a short or tall centerpiece. All I know is I want it to have flowers. I think they will be silk as they will look exactly how I want them to.

Here is my centerpiece mock-up #1
  • Short square vase, black ribbon wrapped around it with red silk flowers.

 I had a lazy weekend, and didn't workout. But I will be getting my fitness on tomorrow.

This past Friday I made some Thai Curried Butternut Squash soup that I seen on Jeanette's Healthy Living Blog

I also fudged and didn't toss them and they burnt a little bit......whoops

It was a little thick but that could be due to how large my squash was and sweet potato. To resolve this I added some more broth.

It was delish.

Has anyone tried these? I love Larabar's and was picking some up when I saw these Vega Whole Food Vibrancy Bars. I got the two kinds they had at the store Chocolate Decadence and Green Synergy. Both were sooo good. I loved the Chocolate Decadence more, but I have a sweet tooth. Will be picking up some more of these tonight.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Diet........The Break-Up

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I have been debating this for a few weeks now, I am at my ideal weight and have surpassed my goal. I am healthy, happy and enjoying my new lifestyle. When I started my weight loss, my goal was 130lbs. I am now 120lbs. So then why am I still dieting?  Let's be serious? Enough is enough. Dieting is a horrible word, no one likes it and I hate it.

I am ending it, and trust me dieting.....I don't want to be friends, in fact I don't ever want to see you again.

It's official I have removed you as a Facebook friend LOL

Now that is done and the awkwardness is fading. Let's discus what my new goals are:
  1. Continue eating healthy, but increase my calorie intake- I know my body now, I know what amount I can and can't eat
  2. Keep working out and getting in top shape - still need to look fab for my wedding
  3. Be happy and not feel deprived - self explanatory for anyone who has been on a diet
I am really happy about this decision. I will continue to eat healthy and maintain what I have accomplished. I honestly feel so much better! With the wedding coming in just a little more then 6months and my wedding social just around the corner, this is one less stress and I wont miss it.

Last night's workout was my back. Each exercise is 3 set's of 12 reps.
  • Pull up on assisted machine
  • Row on machine
  • DB Swiss ball raise
I then followed up with 20min on the stepper at resistance 6.

Now for the best part, my post-workout drink....The Green Monster as seen on Oh She Glows. She has many different versions. Mine was close to the the Classic Green Monster with a small handful of blueberries added.

The major modification I did was instead of chocolate nut butter or wheatgrass I used a scoop of my ISOFLEX Peanut Butter Chocolate protein powder. The result. AMAZING! I even had my fiance try some and he loved it. So check out Angela at Oh She Glows she rocks!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Interview with Kim from Kimmy Conduct

 I have been getting a lot questions about who my trainer is and what she is all about. So instead of me telling people about her over and over again(though I don't mind as she's totally awesome), I sat down and asked her some questions that I felt would be helpful to people interested in starting a healthy lifestyle.

What most attracted me to training with Kim was that she has been down my journey too. She hasn't always been where she is now with her health and knows how it feels to struggle with weight.

So that being said, lets get to the interview!!

1.What is your personal experience with fitness and working out?

I started working out the unconventional way at home for a four months with the help of fitness DVD's, the WiiFit and my squeaky friend, the Elliptical.  I did lose a bit of weight but wasn't seeing the results I would of liked in the amount of time I dedicated to it.  I knew it was time to find a gym and get myself to a personal trainer.  I signed up immediately and started sessions with Amy that same week.  We saw one another for 3 sessions a week.  For the 6 months I was with Amy, I had lost a great deal of weight.  Alas, she quit her job and I stopped going to my gym.  I picked up getting healthy and fit when I met my second personal trainer and now boyfriend Sam a month later.  He made me a plan.  I followed it.  I lost even more weight: the lightest I had actually been since my high school days.  This was the point in my life where I knew I wanted to make a big of a difference in someone else's life like my trainers did.  I wanted to become a personal trainer.  So with that goal in mind, I set out to take the Personal Training Specialist course.  Now, I am loving what I do.

2. What is your training philosophy?

 My training philosophy is "Push it to the limits".  You really never know how far you can go without stepping over those many boundaries we all know and have.  One of my favourite quotes has got to be "You never know until you try."  Intensity has ever bit of how well you succeed.  That can be said with everything in life.  Give it your 100% and you'll go far.

3. What should someone do if they want to become fit and healthy?

 I highly recommend doing a lot of research online.  There are many great reference points out there pertaining to health and fitness.  The second thing I would recommend for someone who wants to get in tip top shape is to see a personal trainer or a dietitian.  These folks are experts in what they do and are able to get you where you want to be in a shorter period of time, compared to someone doing it on their own.

4. What are some misconceptions people have about exercising and getting in shape?

People think that CARDIO is the "be-all-end-all" of working out.  I am going to spell it out right now.  IT ISN'T.  Many think "if I go on the treadmill for 2 hours, I will lose all this fat".  Not true.  That is actually being counterproductive.  Doing more damage than good.  You need a good balance of both resistance training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training to be optimal.  Even if someone were just doing a weight resistance program, that person would lose more weight than the person just doing cardiovascular. Some food for thought.  

5. You are currently training to compete in the MABBA Novice Competition, tell us about that?

This is going to be my very first fitness competition ever.  I am feeling a mix of emotions leading up to the day.  I remember last year weighing in at approximately 145 lbs and saying to my boyfriend "I want to look like that" or "I want to be up there one day."  Now, weighing in at 127 lbs, I AM one of those girls.  I WILL be on that stage.  Hard work and dedication lead me to where I am today.  It has been quite a journey.  I hope it doesn't stop there.  Provincials...HERE I COME.  

6. How have you had to change your normal fitness routine to be ready for this?

My nutrition has never been as strict as it has been in the past leading up to this one day.  No spices.  No Flavouring.  Just my food...plain in it's simplicity  My workouts go anywhere from 6-7 days a week, sometimes cardiovascular in the morning and evening.  I am really bad for consuming water, so even that has increased tremendously.  Sleep is crucial for body repair and I am actually getting some decent zzz's this past week

7. What is the first thing you will eat after you compete?
PIZZA.  Thin crust or deep dish or BOTH.

8. If someone has more questions to ask you, how do they contact you?

You can contact me through my email at  

You can also read about her journey on her blog at KimmyConduct

Thursday, March 10, 2011

David's Tea...This isn't your grandmas tea shop

I am currently getting over the stomach flu, so I am writing this blog from my bed of sickness. Feeling pretty under the weather, I have been drinking lots of fluids. One I am currently enjoying is some tea I purchased this past weekend. A co-worker of mine recently introduced me to this new shop we have in our local mall called David’s Tea. It’s a specialty tea store that specializes in loose leaf tea. They offer a HUGE range of teas from tea with coffee beans in it, to tea that can help with colds and sore throats.

Tea from a healthy standpoint has many benefits; studies have shown that tea can help against cancer, weight maintenance and even bad breath! It is the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water.

Being a tea lover, I was very excited to try this new place.

The store is simple and clean. I loved the look and feel. The staff was soo knowledgeable and very friendly. I couldn't make up my mind on what kind or type of tea I wanted. With the help of the woman working there, I was able to narrow it down to two. However they have TONS of kinds, and she knew about the contents of each and how good they were.

I end up deciding on two black teas

Read My Lips - China black tea, vanilla, peppermint, chocolate bits and spicy red peppercorns. Plus it also has little red candy lips.

Read My Lips

Three Wishes Tea - Chinese green tea, black tea from India, Ceylon and China, sunflowers, jasmine, rose blossoms and natural flavoring.

Three Wishes Tea

For a 50g bag it was $6.50. It is a bit more expensive then something you would get at a local grocery store, but clearly you’re paying for something different.

I also purchased t-sac tea filters for brewing my tea, 100 for $7.00. It works better then a mesh teaball as it doesn't let tea get loose into the water.

According to the instructions on the tea packets, I put 1.5tsp per cup of 94c water for 4-5min. I didn’t add any sweetener or milk/cream. Both teas were absolutely amazing.

When researching this blog I also noticed they also offer a wine collection of teas. I am going back this weekend and purchasing the Cabernet Sauvignon. I can’t wait to try it!!

Pinkies up everyone!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yummy Frittata

Breakfast has to be my favorite meal of the day. I love it! It is also a very important meal of the day. Eating a proper breakfast will help with snacking and being hungry later in the day. During the week I usually don't have much time to make breakfast, so I have granola and a little bit of Greek yogurt. But on the weekend, well the weekend I jam pack it with awesomeness. Yeah I get really excited about breakfast.

Currently my fiance and I are obsessed with frittata's! They are so versatile and easy to make. You honestly can just put whatever you have on hand in them.

I always have spinach and tomato's in my fridge, its a staple. But you can put whatever you think is going to be great.


1 whole egg
2 egg whites
½ plum tomato, cubed
½ cup spinach, chopped
1tbsp red onion, chopped
1 avocado, cubed
1tbsp of a low fat cheese
1tsp of basil

Preheat oven to 350c

Whisk both whole eggs and egg whites together in bowl. Add pepper for taste

Saute vegetables minus the avocado in a small nonstick pan over medium heat (make sure pan has ovenproof handle)

Add egg mixture, stir mixture around till it's a little scrambled.

Bake frittata in pan for 8-10min or till almost firm to the touch, sprinkle cheese, avocado & basil. Bake for another 1-2min.


I will usually have 1-2 pieces of turkey bacon on the side.
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