Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My husband and I had a lot of discussions on what we wanted to do after the wedding. A lot of our friends and family suggested we go somewhere, however we weren't totally sold, as we just had a long year of wedding planning and my husband being in school. We felt spending the cash to go on a trip may or may not be worth it. And if we did go somewhere we wanted it to be hot and thought it would be nice to have our friends join us.

With much talk, we ended up going to my husband's aunt and uncles cabin. This was the best idea. A week of just us, the beautiful weather (yeah end of September and we had +30c!!! How lucky did we get?) and this amazing cabin. It was perfect.

Sorry about some of the quality of photos, some were taking with the ol'iPhone :)
How could we not be in aw of this?
We spent 3 days in the sun all day with glasses of wine and beer and just did this!
And watched this happen each night feeling more blessed! 
Sun kissed!
Several AMAZING dinners, all that the husband made....this NEVER happens! 
Breakfast in bed! How spoiled am I?

Some cribbage while the sun sets. 

YAY We are Married!!!

Question: Did you go on a honeymoon when you got married? If so where? If not why?

P.S I just got a Pinterest account! Add me if you are also on it! I have just started, but can already see I will be addicted :) Thx Lindsay for sending the asap invite, my obsession has begun.

PP.SS Thursdays will be followup posts to my wedding. I am hoping to receive my photos soon, that way I can break up the posts and share them once a week.

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