Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Madness

My husband is currently on call for his work and has this pager, well yesterday we had a crazy wind storm and this will strongly affect my husbands work. So of course the pager started going off at 6am and continued several + times after that, so this was an early morning for me.  I am still adjusting to a "non-wedding stress free mode" so my anxiety is still not at bay. But it is getting better, but I still panic a little when I wake up without as much sleep as required.

My husband who knows me sooooo well suggested we go out for brunch. I jumped on this right away! We went to a local destination in Winnipeg called The Forks, it has a little of everything of Winnipeg culture. We chose a restaurant called The Beachcombers, it was fab!
The Lounge (where we were) at Beachcombers

I had a salmon sandwich and the hubby had some pickerel sandwich. I tried was way better then mine. But I wont tell him that!!

This evening we scarfed down some sushi(I didn't take any photos, we ate it too fast) and then I started my baking project!

It was big!

Because I am soo tired and have had one or two glasses of wine... I will just show you some photos.

Brownie Pumpkin Pecan Pie

Banana Loaf
 I also made a pumpkin loaf..... This thing wouldn't solid up. Hopefully it will taste good tomorrow. I hope any Canadians celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow have a FANTASTIC day. I know I am thankful for having the most amazing person in my life, my best friend, my soul partner and my husband. I hope everyone can experience what I have.
Photography by Jennifer Lee

Have a great weekend!! I have some new news tomorrow about the changes that will be happening with my blog, but this will wait till then.

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