Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wednesday Reads

Hope everyone had a good long weekend, or if you didn't have a long weekend, had a great weekend. Mine was quite busy with two Thanksgiving dinners, reorganizing our house, packing up wedding stuff(it was a little sad to see it all put away) and I spent several hours creating and designing my new blog.

I decided to go with The-Healthy-Wife.com. And will be moving over to wordpress. I will keep you all updated with the progress.

In between all my eating, organizing and designing I was able to get to the mall and FINALLY purchase Mama Pea's "Peas and Thank You" book. I am soo pumped to do some of these recipes. Can't wait!

On my Kindle I am currently reading Eating Animals Jonathan Safran Foer. I can't put it down! I have currently been making some different choices for where I get our meat in the house. I know my husband loves it. And I won't try and change that, but I do want to make a educated decision on where it comes from. This book talks a lot about this, and Jonathans struggle with making choices he felt comfortable with. I am only half way through, but I am already recommending it.

Tonight we are grocery shopping and I will probably work on the new blog some more! Can't wait to show everyone. Have a great Monday/Tuesday.

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