Friday, October 7, 2011

Post Wedding - The Dress

Hey Everyone! Looking forward to the weekend? I know I am as it's a long weekend for us Canadians!!

Now that the wedding is over, I wanted to focus on some key parts of it. I have gotten a lot of questions, so I decided I will do a few posts regarding some of the major topics.

Today's post we will talk about THE DRESS. I have briefly talked about it before. But haven't gone into much detail.

Photographer Jennifer Lee Photography
I first saw my dress driving past it after work. I called the bridal salon and requested the number and designer. Shortly after this, my maid of honour and I went browsing. It was the first dress I tried on. And I always knew it was the one. I was pretty determined to have a dress with straps and pleating. And I got both. Being very pale skinned and a redhead, I am not able to wear white (I'd look like a ghost). So I chose a dark ivory.
Photographer Jennifer Lee Photography
It's really funny how many times my husband or guests stepped on my dress. Halfway through the photos I bustled it up because I wanted shots with both the train down and up. What is depressing is the bottom of my dress is just DIRTY.
Photographer Jennifer Lee Photography
 I haven't yet decided what I will do with it, if I will keep it and store it for ions. Or if I will dry clean it and sell it. I know many people I tell that to cringe at the thought of me selling it. But let’s be serious....I will never wear it again and it could very well make another bride VERY happy.

In other news I spent the evening last night researching the next required steps for my wedding invitation business. It's depressing when you see the required amount of money needed to keep me aligned with local competition. But I know it will pay off. I offer already pretty beautiful invites. In fact our wedding invitations were amazing, but I want to give that little extra that people will notice right away.

So things will be done in the next few weeks. I want some new tech toys and need to generate some other income for them (husband says we need to save for a house).

Note: Some of my fellow Canadian Bloggers have come up with the greatest idea!

So go check out all the info and if your a Canadian blogger lets get this started!

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