Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes + The Pink Power Ranger


Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. I love seeing all the kids dressed up and having so much fun. Brings back some awesome memories. Every Halloween my best friend and I throw a big bash! This year was no different. Amazing decorations, awesome food and great company. Can I say great night?
Oh yes I was a Pink Power Ranger!

Now the only draw back to this is.....I left my camera at my best friends house... yep you heard me. All my photos of the party are sitting in my camera case...IN HER LIVING ROOM.

So I don't have really any to share sadly.. not yet anyways.

But we can talk about this
Vegan cream cheese icing
On top of a vegan pumpkin cupcake
 With sugar candy pumpkins for more foodtasick amazingness 
Yes please!!

I got this recipe from The Family Kitchen! Everyone loved them, so much so I made another batch for my lucky coworkers...they enjoyed them too! The icing is by far the best vegan cream cheese icing I have made to date. And the cupcake had the perfect amount of moisture. Omg soo good. 

I hope to have my camera back soon to show you all my awesome decorations and the fantastic costumes at the party!!

Tonight I feel like I robbed Chapters Indigo Books. I was looking up to see how much they sold Plate to Pixel that has been WIDLY recommended by other foodie bloggers. And they had this crazy sale! List Price $35.99, Online Sale Price $23.75, Member Price $22.56 (I recently bought a book from the store and they gave me Plum Awards card for free, I registered it I get member prices). They had Free Shipping on orders over $25 so I thought I'll just pick up another book, So I bought Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots and it's list price $26.99 Online Sale Price $17.81 and Member Price $16.92. I then saw at check out a coupon code *BTW IF YOU EVER SEE THIS SEARCH THE WEBSITE ON GOOGLE AND PUT COUPON CODE BESIDE IT, I ALWAYS SAVE MORE* and entered in the $5 off code. Total order after GST $39.48

If you followed all that.....I totally robbed Indigo

After I checked out I noticed another online sale... And it is of one of my favourite vegan cookbooks. This may just have to be a blog giveaway soon! So subscribe/Follow me on Twitter/Join to keep updated with when!!!

Now off to play some Sims 3 Pets before bed....Yeah I am a nerd and I play with electronic dolls

Question: With Halloween being over are you getting ready for Christmas already? Any christmas baking planned? Or am I totally insane for thinking about this already?

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