Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Engagement Photos!

After we were engaged I wanted to first book my venue for the reception and then find a photographer. Now designing birth announcements, family photo/holiday cards I have had a good introduction into local photographers.  I always really enjoyed working with client's photos from one photographer. And always joked that she would be "my" wedding photographer.

Note to any couples out there looking for wedding photographers, if you feel the photographer isn't really "into" doing your wedding, then say no, walk away and don't look back. They may look good on the internet, but if something doesn't feel right when you meet them, Scrap em! Trust me, best advice ever.

I contacted the photographer, she emailed me back quickly, seemed so happy to do my wedding and we met in the upcoming week. We both loved her just as much as we loved her work. I can't stress how happy I am with this decision. Jennifer Lee has been AMAZING! Her work speaks for herself!

I have red *orange* hair, so I was wanting to take photos in the fall. Well living in Winnipeg, we can NEVER predict the weather, even more so in later days of October. It can go from leaves just turning orange/yellow to snow being on the ground and never leaving for MONTHS!  So with fingers and toes crossed we booked our engagement photo date. Due to gross wet and cold weather we had to rebook. Finally when the date came, IT WAS PERFECT!

Those of you out there debating the whole "engagement photo" idea. Here is my advice, do it! I wouldn't have if it didn't come in our wedding package. But I am soo glad we did. It gives you a GREAT feel for how your photographer will be on your wedding day. It's just one less thing not to worry about. It's "practice" as Jennifer Lee told us in our first meeting.

Here is a few of our engagement photos!

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