Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Engagement!!

So part of my reason for starting this blog was to share my wedding plans. I am a little less then 8 months to my wedding date and very much in the middle of planning.

We were engaged at the end of May 2010….the exact date I don’t even know(is this bad?). It wasn’t some big romantic adventure, just very simple and very much us.  I had just finished a long day at my IT job an my fiancĂ© was off that day. He kept telling me he had a surprise for me that evening, thinking it was an IPAD (they were just released in Canada) I was reluctant to go anywhere other then to the couch and veg out. Now don’t get me wrong I very much wanted an IPAD, just thought it was something that could wait. After we did our errands that evening, he asked me if I wanted to go get my surprise, I honestly responded “Can’t we go to the Apple store this weekend?”. That’s how sure I was that it was an IPAD. He looked at me, then kind of nervously said “It’s actually the bigger thing you want”. Well now I am TOTALLY awake and running on pure adrenalin. I even asked him a few times if he was telling the truth….and apparently he was. We got my engagement ring that night! (I got to pick it out)

My fiancĂ© is Serbian Orthodox…..soo it looks like I am getting baptized * thinks of the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding * I have however been reassured that there will be no kiddy pool or a bathing suit! THANK GOD… I mean Hallelujah? This is still something on the long list of things that need to be done, but it’s coming soon.

As soon as we were engaged I wanted to secure the location for our reception. As I design Wedding Invitations and often browse the web for ideas, I already had a vision of where I wanted my reception and what it would look like. Now don’t think I am some crazy bride, I am just surrounded around this type of environment that its hard not to vision my own. I have had the idea of my wedding invitations forever! Just never put them down on paper or on Photoshop/Illustrator, just in case a client saw them and wanted them for themselves….yeah selfish I know. 

Here are some photos of our church and reception venue.


Our ceremony will take place at Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church and our reception at the heritage building called the Millennium Centre in downtown Winnipeg. The Millennium Centre used to be an old bank that is now often used for wedding ceremonies and receptions. It’s GORGEOUS and almost impossible to get within a year. We originally wanted a summer wedding for the upcoming year, but it was fully booked. We ended up securing September 24th, 2011!!! I’m extremely happy with this date as the leaves will be orange and the weather shouldn't be to too hot or too cold...Perfect!

Oh and btw I still don’t have an IPAD…but I think I got the better surprise!
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