Monday, February 21, 2011

Wedding Social..........Say What?

Being a Manitoban we have Wedding Socials…now I am sure anyone who isn’t from Manitoba is like what is that? What it is, is an event or giant party that the engaged couple throws at usually a local community centre hall, has a hired DJ, sells cheap alcohol and has a silent auction. We sell tickets, which are usually $10 and any money we make from the night helps toward the wedding. I am not sure what the history or why it’s only people from Manitoba that to do this. But we do!

These are usually held about 6months before the wedding. That’s not saying that they won’t be held before or later then that. That just seems to be average.

Now planning a Wedding Social is a lot of work. And honestly is just another stress before the wedding. (As if we needed anymore) But being a good Manitoban we will be having one. Our date is set for April 16th. And its coming fast! I am currently in the stage of organizing all the silent auction prizes. Back in the day we would find lots of local business that would donate. Now however, it requires the generous donations of friends and family. We also may purchase some extra add-ons to the prizes ourselves.

Being the graphic designer I am. I designed our tickets and will also create a banner for the social. My fiancé and myself are large nerds and I wanted to bring that into our wedding somehow. I decided the social would be the place as its less formal and it’s okay if our relatives don’t understand it.

Check out my fun 8-bit ticket design. The banner will have the same theme. I think I will even add font on each side that will say “Player 1 press start, Player 2 press start”.

Yeah I am super nerdy!!!
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