Thursday, March 24, 2011

Six months from today...where I am at!

Six months from today I will be waking up probably tired, nervous and excited. I will be almost ready to walk down an aisle that will most likely feel like it never ends towards the most amazing person! Yep if you haven't guessed it is the six month mark to my WEDDING!!!

So where am I at? Emotionally I am not too nervous. I feel comfortable with how much I have done thus far. I know we have a bunch more to go....but I am content with that.

I used a similar list like Heather @ Hangry Pants. She is getting married a day before me! So check her out!

To Do:

I know it look's like I have a lot left. But most I already know what I want or where I am getting it. SO it isn't too bad. How do you feel I am doing?

Did my leg workout today! Most of these are all 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Squats on smith machine
  • Squats, jump, squat and kick....some ridiculous exercise Kim made up JK (Love you Kim)
  • Push backs on a leg press....I know right?
  • Hamstring curl on machine
  • Calf raises on machine(this will be to failure)
At the end of that my legs are pretty mush mush, for cardio I will only walk on a incline of 6 with a speed of 3.5 on the treadmill.

What better way to finish my workout then with a GREEN MONSTER! I have talked about these before. Today's was like last time, minus the blueberries. These things are like a meal. SO good!


Also I am super excited and proud to say that my trainer Kim placed 2nd in the short bikini category at MABBA's this year!!!!!!!

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