Thursday, July 21, 2011

I need a favor...a wedding favor

Help Me! I am stuck! I am close to breaking the budget and I don't even know why!!

On Saturday I had my consultation with a florist for our centerpieces. We came up with something awesome, not overly pricey but still look's amazing. However, I did double the original amount I wanted to spend on them. The amount I wanted to spend wasn't really a realistic amount for what I wanted. So I have forgiven myself. But I am dipping into the favor budget. Now I am left trying to find something for favors that isn't tacky, but unique. Being caught up with this task, a question donned on me, Do favors really matter? Do people expect them?

First I wanted to do a Candy Buffet

This can range anywhere from $150 up. The place I called said if it is a favor, I should spend between $350-$500. To me that is a little steep, though I do love this idea.

Then I came up with this: Whirly Pop Favors

For 150-180 of these, it will range between $250 - $350.

With lots of research online, I also came across charity favors where you donate money in your guests name to a local charity. And to be honest, I do like this idea. I have never really cared about favors at weddings in the past. Though I would remember unique ones, such as a candy buffet or if I got a whirly pop. But at most I have gotten little bags of mints. The most unique I got was black scrapbooked bag with personalized m&m's in it. I loved those.

I keep coming back to the question, how important are wedding favors? And what do guests really expect? Would you feel disappointed if you found out that money was donated in your name instead of getting mints or candy?

I am not trying to be cheap, but I want to spend money on thing's I feel that matter.

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