Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation and whole lot of food

Hey Guys!! How has your long weekend been? I have been on vacation since last Wednesday. So my long weekend has been AWESOME! I had planned to blog, but got so carried away with food awesomeness that I will have to do this in three parts.

Wednesday I woke up and made my fiance and myself some packed full oatmeal

I make it like Kath does over at Kath Eats, but added half scoop of protein powder, berries and pure maple syrup. Yummy! This is the best when I know I will be heading to the gym later.

We finished our breakfast and went to the gym, it was back day. I killed it! I was a sweaty wonderful mess. After we got cleaned up, our friend came with us and we all headed to a local pub called The Grove.  It is locally owned and operated, the owner had spent a lot of time in England and wanted to bring back the pub feeling here.

Love the logo and colours!!!

Sorry for the poor photo, I got a point and shoot for these type of moments and still getting used to it(go figure I have more trouble operating a point and shoot then my dslr)

 Our friend Jason had a three beer sampler, due to laws in Manitoba, you can't have more then three drinks in front of you(no matter the size). I dragged them all over quickly for a photo.

 My fiance had a Canadian beer, it was light and he enjoyed it a lot.
The boys, my fiance and Jason!! Check out my fiances shirt, the new Jets Logo!! GO JETS GO!

I had a glass of wine, it was wonderful! I love red wine :)
 My Fiance had Pan Roasted Halibut with pilau rice and lemon caper dressing. He is currently on a special diet for his workout plan, so he didn't eat much rice.

Jason had pizza, I was pretty jealous of this cheesy, greasy goodness.
I had the veggie burger with side salad. The veggie burger was chickpea, black bean and walnut patty with a spicy mayo. It was delish! I made the boys try it and they both were shocked how good a veggie burger was! Score for m

Aww a pub with my name on the wall(even if it's spelled incorrectly)

As we were walking back to our car with full belly's we noticed across the street Lilac Bakery. I have heard great things about their red velvet cupcakes. So of course I had to have share between us all. 

It has owned up to it's name. It was quite good!

I have three other restaurants we also went to this past week that I want to share with you guys! So stay tune, I am just recovering from my food baby :)
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