Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am back and here to stay!

Invites are out, wedding planning is becoming less distracting and now it's time to just sit back and see all of it come together. I think my majority of stress was my invites. Designing wedding invites is my job, and with that being the case, the pressure of them having to be perfect weighed down on me. I also kept trying to do all of them by myself. Now, one thing I can recommend is if you are doing a lot of DIY items for your wedding, don't take it on all by yourself. Reach out to your lovely ladies and family for help. I did, and boy am I happy that I did.

I really want to show you the invites, but due to the mail strike they are only just being received by my guests. Once I know most of the guests have gotten them, I'll post photos. They turned out better then I imagined. My fiance loves them, and for a guy that makes me really happy.

Last Friday us Canadians celebrated Canada Day, and it was a blast! I wanted to start this day off with a new challenge....poached eggs! With much research, I found some great blogs and videos on how to cook the perfect poached eggs.

I made Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict!

You can find the recipe here along with the instructional video on how to cook poached eggs. I love love the Food Wishes Blog. Seriously amazing.
 Look at those eggs! I love vita eggs sooo much, the yolk is just beyond amazing.
These turned out great, and I will be making these again for sure.

Today I received my blog giveaway prize that I got from the lovely Lindsey at A Running Tale. My fiance was so excited about the maple syrup, that he opened my parcel and used it before even telling me it arrived! Thank you soooo much Lindsey!!! I can't wait to make recipes from Vegan on the cheap cookbook. Looks AWESOME!

Now off to watch some Battlestar Galatica with a glass of wine. No work for me tomorrow(I took a vacation day) and have plenty of things I want to wake up bright and early to do!!
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