Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Cards + a Red Dress to Kill

This time of year is a busy season for me.  I just had my wedding and already I am arms deep designing again! It's great though :) I have been pushing out a lot of new designs and absolutely content with life. I mailed out my Favorite Christmas Things Swap last week and soo excited for Erin to get her gift!!! I love Christmas!!!

This week I will be mailing out my Christmas Cookie Swap. I am excited for them. I used a favorite classic cookie, I tried several other recipes for possible exchange. But I couldn't stop thinking about these! SO I went with my gut. I will post about these later!

I thought since I never show any of you my design work, that I would share a recent holiday card I did. This client has been with me for several years now. And they just added a new addition to their family. I always enjoy doing their photo cards! In fact they are the people who showed me my wedding photographer! I am ever so grateful for her! If you want to see some more of her photos check out Jennifer Lee Photography! You may even recognize a certain someone!

Now for these beauties honestly the most beautiful children

I did up three mock-ups. Two are the same, but with different colour variations. I like giving my clients alternatives to the normal Christmas colours. With this beautiful image, I didn't want to take away too much from it with graphics. It is just soooo beautiful!

They also gave me several other photos. I did up another card with all three images. 

The winner was the third!!! 

This Saturday is my works Christmas party and it's always a big formal event. Today I picked up the most amazing dress. Recently I died my hair from red to blonde. I thought with the wedding over it was time for a change. At first I wasn't sure what to think of it. In fact I spent a whole day staring at it. How ridiculous is that? My poor husband heard every 5 seconds "Are you sure it look's okay?" and now I LOVE IT!!. I usually am boring and always go with the safe bet and get a black cocktail dress for these events. But not this time! This time I got a BRIGHT red dress. And it look's fabulous!

Queue that awkward iphone changing room photo

Due to how busy I have been, I have been eating a lot and I mean a lot of chicken + veggies. I am hopping this routine will end once I get these last holiday cards completed. I also been sweating my butt off at the gym. Due to a pipe being broken I haven't gone this week yet. I am hoping it will be fixed soon. It may have been fixed today but I didn't have a chance to check!! 
*crosses her fingers it is open fully tomorrow* (Kim I bet you know?!?!?!)

And lastly! My new blog! It will be launched in the New Year! First week of January you will all be joining me over there! I got my wedding photo's in hand! I will be doing several posts with them over the next few days.  As awesome as it's been Running to the Aisle....I'm ready to be The Healthy Wife. I will be launching with a FANTASTIC giveaway(I know I keep holding this over your heads, but I promise it is great) and also several sweet recipes that I have squeezed in these past few weeks. I will also be launching a fully functional Empathy Designs website (my design biz). I have been designing some wonderful Wedding Invitions for 2012. So much happening!

Have a wonderful night!!

Question: Do you have a big work Christmas party? Do you get all done up? I find with it being usually the biggest event of my year(how sad is that?) that I always do! I know this year with the wedding I have had many reasons to get all purdy. But why stop now? 

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