Monday, December 5, 2011

A gift + a party

This past Saturday was my work Christmas Party and it was a blast! It had all sorts of entertainment. We enjoyed ourselves very much. 

 The red dress!!

On Friday I got a notification that a parcel had arrived. As soon as I had a free moment I went to go pick it up! Look what it was!! My Favorite Christmas Things Swap from Amber!! I loved it! So much so that I was in the Salted Chocolate Caramels before my husband reminded me that I needed to take a photo....whoops

My gift had a 
1. Big Coffee cup
2. Gingerbread tea(my fav also)
3. Hot chocolate
4. Salted chocolate Caramels
5. Starbucks Giftcard! (and Amber I absolutely love eggnog latte) 

Thank you SO SO much Amber!!!!

This post is short,  my husband brought me home a Christmas Tree and I want to put it up! I have been baking all evening so I have yet had a chance to do so!!

Question: Have you started your Christmas Baking? If so what have you made? Do you ever panic that it wont turn out? I know I do alllll the time. And am worried about exactly that right now! 

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