Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Between Periods

I have been a bad BAD blogger. Where I have been? Everywhere. Soo many things happening. Life is so jam packed now that this is what happens on a night such as tonight.

Today was Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Vancouver VS Boston. I am a HUGE Canucks fan!!!

My Day

I went to work, worked out, grocery shopped, made dinner.

Period one: While period is happening, I am working on a clients invitations.

Between periods: I vacuum, sweep and feed Tia.

Period Two: I continue working on invites.

Between periods: I put a facial mask on and make spiced carrot muffins.

Period Three: Still working on invites and take out muffins. But it was all worth it...why BECAUSE THE CANUCKS WON GAME ONE IN THE LAST 19 SECONDS OF THIRD PERIOD. LOVE IT!

SEESH boy am I just tired writing this.

What else have I been doing? Here is some hints.
 What's this?
 Lot's of bubble wrap?
 If you haven't guessed!!!!! My stock for my wedding invitations are in. But first must get my clients done!

 What is this you ask? Well this my friends is my NEW KitchenAid Mixer! A gift from my soon to be Mother in-law and Sister in-law!! THANK YOU!!
AND THIS? Well this was just amazing! I made this for my fiances special dinner on Saturday. Lemon-Blueberry Crumble Cake!!

Probably one of the most exciting things this week however have been this!

I can't believe it still!!! May they be called whatever, all that matters is the NHL is back! I can't wait to be at games with my dad like we used to when I was younger and to create new memories with my fiance and younger brother. In my family this is an emotional moment. May seem silly to you non-hockey fans. But for me, and for us, it is EVERYTHING.
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