Monday, January 9, 2012

The New Year + What is up

How was everyone's New Years? For those of you that follow me on twitter(and you all should, because I am ridiculous) know that we went to Green Bay Wisconsin for a Green Bay Packers Game!!!

It was surreal *for Packer fans at least* and we had a blast!
 My face was soo cold! But it was soo much fun :)
 So sad we wont see another one of those this year! but GO PACK GO!!

This month was Serbian Christmas(also Ukrainian for my Ukrainian friends) and I had another two Christmas dinners. So that would bring the total to 5 Christmas dinners this year! I am done!

Now to the question I know you are all asking "Where is the new blog Destini?" EEKKK gosh you guy's are right! I had the planned date launch January 1st, 2012 (new year, new blog, new twitter id, NEW EVERYTHING). Problem? I wasn't even here! I was 1182.4km(734miles for my Americans loves) away from home! When I picked that magical date I honestly didn't look at the whole picture. But now I know you're all asking "Well you are back now.....where is the blog Destini?" ACK you guys just get right down to the point. And you are also right again (2 gold stars for you), and here is the honest truth. I have never used wordpress till now. Which is weird since I used to design websites! Used to being the key word in that sentence. but needless to say I went to school for this. But I always used other content management systems for businesses. Never made "wordpress" my specialty. That being said, the blog is almost done. I just have some minor coding to get finished and we are good to go. Which is a good thing as I have a lot of recipes to share!!!

I am looking at February 1st as a launch date! So I hope to see all you over there and hopefully some new friends too!! Will also have a fantastic giveaway!!

This is just my update!!! Back to work I go :)

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